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Maestro Marcello Gatti, International concert artist, Baroque flute Teacher at the prestigious "Mozarteum" Institute of Salisburgo (Austria) and Music Academy "Dall'Abaco" in Verona (Italy).
Conservatorium has been created to satisfy the most refined acoustic requirements and to be utilized in every environmental and climatic condition, even extreme.

It is an instrument characterized by an excellent sonority. It has a structural and acoustical inalterability, tone homogeneity and doesn’t need any maintenance.

Conservatorium is fully handmade following an authentic constructive tradition of the highest craftsmanship based on old processes of ancient and prestigious workshops.

It collects and summarizes the acoustical characteristics of the best instruments constructed between the Baroque and the Neo-classic period.

Conservatorium is the result of a very long physical and historical research that had its final phase in the voicing definition, implemented with the help of the flautist Marcello Gatti.

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