FDN concert flutes


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Detail of original engraving (left) and reconstructed (right).
This instrument is the reconstruction of “Friedrich der Grosse” ivory flute, preserved in an italian privat collection. The original is fully engraved. The reconstruction has been carefully studied. Decorations have been sometimes differently positioned, even if the final aesthetic sense is consistent as well as its sonore characteristic. The original pitch is 400 Hz about and in the reconstruction it has been transported up to 415 Hz.

Looking at the monogram that appears above the King’s flute embochure, two engraved letters can be noticed just below the Crown. The letters rappresent an “F” and an “R” meaning “Federicus Rex”, but they could also be read and interpretated at the same time, as “J” and “Q” for Johann Joachim Quantz, that most probably has been the constructor.

The original flute presents visible signs of an heavy usage. This means that, more than likely, the Musikalische Opfer theme has been invented, played and finally written exactly on this flute by Friedrich der Grosse.

An insuperable theme for an insuperable instrument.

ebony-gold flute version

flute original

Fabio Di Natale’s Iterview, Falaut