FDN concert flutes




Specific weight 0,93 g/cm³.

The European Boxwood is a rare tree that grows lonely.
Due to its very slow growing, many dozens of years are necessary to have a tree section big enough to be useful for musical instrument construction.
Boxwood has excellent acoustic proprieties. Flutes made with this material have a very warm and fascinating sound that is ideal to play with other instruments in consorts.


Specific weight 1,3 g/cm³.

The ebony quality most used is: Dalbergia melanoxilon, in English, African Blackwood also known as Grenadillo.
This tree lives in African and Equatorial forests. Its cutting is more and more protected and, in some nations, is prohibited.
From an acoustical point of view the sound produced by instruments made with this wood is clear, brilliant, incisive in the upper register and dark and deep in the lower one.
It is often used in solo performances.


Specific weight 1,3 g/cm³.

The long selection of materials to be used to obtain an acoustical and functional excellence leaded us to find out a valuable resin, innovative product belonging to the most refined research of synthesis materials.
From the acoustic point of view, the particular structure of this resin reminds the typical timber of wooden instruments made of Boxwood or Ebony essences, and exalts, much more, harmonics.
Functionally the material is characterized by an extreme resistance to impacts and by a total inalterability to temperature and humidity changes. No maintenance is required.
It is used along long study session and, due to its high resonance, as solo instrument.


Law restrictions greatly limit and often stop Ivory usage and importation.
Most of constructors use, for this reason, alternative resins for instrument rings.
The material we use comes from England, from one of the best world distributor of alternative Ivory.
The particular high polishing, taking place in our lab, put on prominence the veins and the deep light of the material, giving the beauty and the perfect reproduction of the natural Ivory.