FDN concert flutes


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Rottenburgh J.H.
Brussels, 1672-1756

This instrument, dated about 1720, is preserved at Musical Museum of Brussels. The original is in four sections with a very long head joint. This last characteristic is more typical in the previous French flutes in three sections, rather than the following traditional Baroque flutes in four sections. Looking at the exterior design as well as the internal bore dimension, this flute seems to be a revision (in four parts) of a Hotetterre flute. The sound characteristic is partly similar, due to the sound richness, to those previous French flutes, but the extension of the instrument expands without any effort up to "A".
The mouth hole is round and small.

Pitch - A: 415 Hz.

Can be requested in European Boxwood, Blackwood Grenadillo or Synthetic Ebony.
Could be asked with the extension foot.