FDN concert flutes


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Grenser Carl Augustin
Dresden, 1720-1807

Coming from an old tradition family of constructors, Carl Augustin Grenser can be considered one of the best flute constructors of that period.
His instruments, produced from one to eight keys, are the ideal choice to perform a Neo-classic and Romantic repertory embracing Mozart and Schubert.
His instruments are often indicated and required from those musicians that want to approach baroque music keeping a modern intonation nevertheless.
This allow them to be accompanied on instruments with a modern pitch.

Pitch - A: 430 o 440 Hz.

Due to the solo performances it is addressed, it is normally provided of Grenadillo Ebony. On demand it could be supplied of Synthetic Ebony or European Boxwood.

Keys: from one to eight.

Foot: short "D" foot eventually with the extension, or long "C" foot.