FDN concert flutes


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Rudall & Rose
London, 1830

Rudall & Rose are considered two of the greatest European constructors along the XIX century.
Contemporaries of Boehm, they constructed excellent 8 keys flutes that are still used and copied especially to play Irish folk music.
The "Rudall & Rose" we own , has been studied for very long time and slightly modified to lower the original 445 Hz pitch (very high pitch in use in England along that period) down to modern 440 Hz. Pitch. This flute can boast a perfect intonation and a third octave. In conjunction with the long C foot, this instrument allows you to perform the virtuoso repertory of the XIX century.
It is under the study an extra left hand joint able to lower the flute to A: 430 Hz.
This will make it ideal for execute Mozart with the greatest agility.

Pitch - A: 440 Hz.

Keys: from one to eight.
Foot: short "D" foot or long "C" foot.
Mouth hole: oval or round.
Can be requested in European Boxwood, Blackwood Grenadillo or Synthetic Ebony.